The Plurality of the Compliment

See the film The Plurality of the Compliment here!



Of what importance is there in responding to the below text?
Before responding to this question,


Does it simply become a question of imposing, feigning,
I want to make a preliminary remark


or, if possible, discovering a significance not initially visible?
on the completely artificial character of this situation.


Conversely, perhaps the intention alone and its consequent action
I don’t know who’s going to be watching this,


is itself a valid enough candidate for this text’s significance.
but I want to underline rather than efface


our surrounding technical conditions,


with this response’s significance now suspended from critique,
and not feign a “naturality” which doesn’t exist.


it is the content of the response
I’ve already in a way started to respond to your question about deconstruction


and its success as a compliment
because one of the gestures of deconstruction


that remain subject to scrutiny.
is not to naturalize what isn’t natural –


Yet, what are the directions of a successful compliment, as both antagonistic and neutral approaches qualify?
to not assume that what is conditioned by history, institutions, or society is natural.



Piers Inkpen.